Welcome Dayton Family and Friends

Twenty years have passed since a monthly newsletter named Dayton Family History was published for the enjoyment of the descendants of Wilber Thomas Dayton Sr.  Now a new generation of Wilber’s descendants needs to be told about our rich Dayton Heritage.

It is hoped that the information in this blog will kindle a passion for learning more about our ancestors.. And then you will be on your way to gaining an interest in even older generations.  Those generations are chronicled  in a book  that my brother, Steve, and I published about the first six Generations of Daytons in America.  Its title is Our Long Island Ancestors, The First Six Generations of Daytons in America. 1639-1807. 

In order for the story to continue, we need to raise up a new generation of Dayton researchers who will keep our story up-to-date.  I will be publishing snippets of information that will suffice to continue our story in a second volume of our book.  I challenge you to do so, and to submit new information that will push our story forward.

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