Henry and Christie Dayton graves reinterred

In the autumn of 2000, a new housing development suddenly infringed upon the 150 year old resting place of Henry and Christie Dayton in the back yard of a one family home.  The once peaceful graves of the couple, situated in the forest on their homestead, was now a play area for the family’s children.  Ray Orton and myself oversaw the relocation of the remains and the gravestones to the Dean Cemetery in Stony Creek NY where they are now resting on the burial plot with their son and daughter-in-law, Charles and Nancy Dayton.

Henry was the grandfather of Wilber Thomas Dayton Sr.  Henry died in 1847 on his farm on the plateau at the top of Hadley Hill.  Henry’s father, David Dayton Jr. was one of the first inhabitants of Hadley.  David relocated to Hadley from Cambridge NY.

Welcome Dayton Family and Friends

Twenty years have passed since a monthly newsletter named Dayton Family History was published for the enjoyment of the descendants of Wilber Thomas Dayton Sr.  Now a new generation of Wilber’s descendants needs to be told about our rich Dayton Heritage.

It is hoped that the information in this blog will kindle a passion for learning more about our ancestors.. And then you will be on your way to gaining an interest in even older generations.  Those generations are chronicled  in a book  that my brother, Steve, and I published about the first six Generations of Daytons in America.  Its title is Our Long Island Ancestors, The First Six Generations of Daytons in America. 1639-1807. 

In order for the story to continue, we need to raise up a new generation of Dayton researchers who will keep our story up-to-date.  I will be publishing snippets of information that will suffice to continue our story in a second volume of our book.  I challenge you to do so, and to submit new information that will push our story forward.